My mom runs a pretty cool business, so there is always lots of fun things going on- horses, dogs, tractors, jump building, dead trees falling, Haunted forest activity, a fun semi truck, flat beds, horse shows, lots of traveling for horseshows, parties, girls and lots of friends but most importantly, Polka Dot. 

Polka Dot is my pony.  She is about 11h, 21yo and even pulls a cart.  She is teaching me all about riding and especially Cross Country.  Cross Country is the most fun part- we go up and down banks, in and out of the water and all over in the haunted forest together.  Mommy say’s she can’t come in the house though, which is silly because she is cleaner then me most of the time.  

Stay tuned for more adventures- I am going to take polka swimming this spring and learn mounted archery.  Mommy says I don’t get a real bow though, which is a real downer.  


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