Anni Grandia

Anni Grandia-Dodson the head trainer at Grand Farms.  Anni is an accomplished horsewoman with over 20 years of experience in the industry specializing in the sport of Eventing.  Being an event rider and trainer has allowed Anni to study the art of dressage and work with the best show jumpers in the area to fine tune her training program.  Anni is an USEA ICP level 2 instructor as well as an A level pony club graduate that has evented through the 3*L level on horses that she has produced herself. 

Anni excels in developing young horses and bringing those with talent up through the levels.  One of her favorite things is introducing horses to the sport for the first time and showing them the thrill of cross country.  Showing young horses about cross country is almost as thrilling as introducing students to cross country!   

Anni has developed a program that emphasizes horsemanship and building from the ground up to consistently produce results in all horse and rider combinations.  The focus in the program has always been on the building blocks to create horseman as well as brilliant riders that understand the value in team work to produce the results.  Each horse and rider combination are treated as individuals within the program but are expected to work as a team supporting their fellow competitors, the sport and all those in the barn.   Lessons and training programs are tailored to individual needs, not taught by the clock.  

Horses, education and horsemanship are always the priority at Grand Farms whether a student has competition goals or not.  Some coaching highlights are helping 10 girls get qualified for pony club festival in 2014 and bringing home the silver medal for the first level dressage division and helping students Cadence Michel(2016), Ashley Widmer (2019) and Callia Englund (2018 and 2019) get qualified for and compete at NAYC at the 2* level.  Anni has also developed numerous horses and riders to the preliminary level over the years, many of whom were started on horseback and in the sport by Anni.  Cadence Michel and Emmie Everett are two of those students that took there first lessons with Anni and have gone on to compete at the Intermediate level.

Recent Accomplishments


1st Open Preliminary, Caber Farm (Halcyon)

3rd Open Training, Caber Farm (Twinkle Toes)


2nd Advanced/Intermediate, Caber Farm (Chaos)

3rd Open Beginner Novice Championships, Aspen Farms (Mr Fluffy)

4th CCI-3*S Twin Rivers (Chaos)

8th CCI-2*S Fresno County HP (Chaos)


1st Open Training, Spokane Sport HF (Halcyon)

1st Open Beginner Novice, Aspen Farms (Mr Fluffy)

1st Open Intermediate, Caber Farms (Chaos)


United States Pony Club “A” Rated Graduate

USEA Instructors’ Certification Program (ICP) Level 2 Instructor

Developed over 12 horses to the preliminary level or above

Coaching Highlights

Helped Callia Englund achieve her goal of NAYC in 2018 that cumulated with a silver team medal on her super not-a-pony Xyder, that she has developed from a 4yo baby

Coached Cadence Michel, Chantale Vachon, Ashley Widmer, Emilie Everett, Callia Englund, Ione George, and Isabella Bastiani to the preliminary level or above.


Coached Narrows Pony Club to wins at Regional Dressage and Show Jump rallies- 2009, 2012, 2014 (teams won both divisions of the regional dressage and the overall high point)

Helped 10 Narrows Pony Club kids, not only get qualified for Festival of Champions in Kentucky, but fundraised for the trip and got the horses and riders there. Our Show Jumping team finished 9th out of 65 teams and the Dressage team was 2nd at First Level.

Help Support Anni

​You can now easily make a tax-deductible donation to help Anni compete nationally and internationally at the highest levels through Southern California Equestrian Sports, Inc. (SCES). SCES is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping equestrian riders and organizers raise tax deductible funds to compete in or support their National and International competitions throughout the United States.

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