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Chaos is a 2005 QH/Oldenburg gelding that was born here at Grand Farms, and has become the namesake for the team. Chaos is a bright chestnut 15.1h powerhouse that was successful at the 3-star level with Anni in the irons. Together, they jumped around every Intermediate in Area VII and completed 5 CCI 3*-S along with 2 3*-L throughout there career together.

Chaos is very well known up and down the west coast for his bright chestnut coat, the springs in his feet and his flare in the Jumping phases- he loves to over jump and flip his tail in the process.  Chaos has always had the stride and powerful scope you would expect out of a big horse but unfortunately toward the end of 2019 Chaos sustained another soft tissue injury that put an end to his upper level.  After a successful rehab, Chaos is teaching one of the amateurs to run training level.

HSH Bold Decision “Armani”

Armani is 2015 Irish Sporthorse gelding that we imported in the fall of 2022 from Ireland.  He was sourced by Kelly Hutchinson of HSH Sporthorses and had been produced to the Preliminary level by Mike and Trish Ryan.  He stands 17h and is a cross country machine- he loves to gallop and jump and eats up the ground on the XC.  In his first season in the US Armani and Anni successfully moved up to the Intermediate level with a win at Aspen Farms OI in Sept 2023 and a 4th place finish at the 3-S at Spokane Sport Horse Oct 2023.  Plans for Armani include a 3-L in the spring of 2024 with the goal of moving up to Advanced in the fall of 2024 as well as finishing the season at Maryland doing the 3-L.

One of our favorite things about Armani is his loveable personality and his forelock- he has the most lush, gorgeous forelock of the whole team.  When he came to us he looked like a school boy with a bad bull cut but luckily his locks have grown into a beautiful forelock.  Armani is owned and supported by the Hoff Family- Mollie, Andy and Lizzie Hoff who have been generous supporters of Team Chaos since 2020.

Mistral “Rolo”

Rolo is a 17h beautiful dark bay 2016 German Sporthorse gelding that joined the team in Feb of 2022.  Rolo and Anni took things quite slow the first 18 months of their partnership to allow Rolo time to physically and mentally mature.  Rolo was very green when he came over from Germany and needed the time to grow up.  Over the course of their second year together, Rolo moved up to preliminary and completed his first 1-S. The joke around the barn is that he is the high school athlete that never has to try till he hits the big leagues- everything is so easy for this guy the sky is the limit!  He was sourced by Tamie Smith to join Anni’s string.

Rolo has earned the nickname is spiderlegs, which is increasingly fitting with Grand Farms being the home of the Haunted Forest.  He earned this nickname because sometimes it truly feels like he is going 8 different directions all at once and he reminds us of a daddy long legs. 

Rolo has an incredible gallop that makes finding the jumps easy.  Combine that with his bravery and movement, this guy is destined for the top.  Plans in the coming season include a 2-L and a move up to Intermediate. 

HSH Cellesto “Cornflakes”

Cornflakes is an extremely goofy 16.2h bright bay German bred 2018 gelding that found his way to Anni by way of Ireland and then Florida.  Imported to Ireland from Germany as a rising 3yo, Kelly Hutchinson purchased him as an event prospect.  Cornflakes competed in the 4yo YEH divisions in 2022 and was the first horse Anni tried in Ireland when she went looking for an experienced partner to add to her string.  At 4, he didn’t really fit the bill at the time.  Just a few months later, Cornflakes landed in Florida and Kendra fell in love with him so he came home to Washington and has become one of the most promising young horses for Anni. 

Cornflakes is still coming into his own and trying to learn to control the power he has in the dressage arena.  However, this is one of the traits that Anni and Kendra love- he is an over achiever and rather just jump the poles, he jumps the standards and everything in between.  Finishing 7th at the 5yo Young Event Horse west Coast championships as well as his first 1-S in his first season in the US, Cornflakes has a bright future ahead that we are excited to be a part of! 


Hali is a 2005 Canadian TB mare that successfully competed up to the Intermediate level in 2021 after finishing 5th at the 2*-L at Rebecca Farm in July. Hali has exceptional gaits that makes her stand out in the dressage arena as well a powerful jump and fantastic gallop. Unfortunately, towards the end of 2021, Hali suffered a significant stifle injury that should have been career ending. The Injury did end her upper level eventing career, but she has the heart of a lion and has come back to dressage work, as well as jumping around a couple of novice level events. In 2022, 9 months post injury, Hali and Anni went on a quest to earn scores for Anni’s Bronze medal through USDF. 5 classes at USDF dressage shows in 2022 at first and second level resulted in 2 wins and 2 second places with 4 scores towards Anni’s bronze medal and one happy mare! Flying Changes for Hali have always been a struggle, and with the stifle injury they were a bigger weak point, so rather then push her to 3rd level, the decision was made to breed her in 2023. We are so excited to have another foal at Grand Farms in 2024 – Hali is due on Chaos birthday!

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