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Chaos is a 2005 QH/Oldenburg gelding that was born here at Grand Farms, and has become the namesake for the team. Chaos is a bright chestnut 15.1h powerhouse that was successful at the 3-star level with Anni in the irons. Together, they jumped around every Intermediate in Area VII and completed 5 CCI 3*-S along with 2 3*-L throughout there career together.

Chaos is very well known up and down the west coast for his bright chestnut coat, the springs in his feet and his flare in the Jumping phases- he loves to over jump and flip his tail in the process.  Chaos has always had the stride and powerful scope you would expect out of a big horse but unfortunately toward the end of 2019 Chaos sustained another soft tissue injury that put an end to his upper level.  After a successful rehab, Chaos is teaching one of the amateurs to run training level.


Hali is a 2005 Canadian TB mare that successfully competed up to the Intermediate level in 2021 after finishing 5th at the 2*-L at Rebecca Farm in July.  Hali has exceptional gaits that makes her stand out in the dressage arena as well a powerful jump and fantastic gallop.  Sights are set on a 3*L for Hali in 2022 as well as recognized dressage shows to help Anni achieve her bronze and silver medal scores.

Park City

Parker is a 2012 TB gelding that has successfully competed through Preliminary level and is qualified for a 2*-L. Parker has an exceptional jump and a bit of a quirky personality that makes him an incredible cross-country horse. His favorite thing is to gallop XC and jump big jumps. He may be offered for sale in 2022.

Park City

Redfield IDS Vittorio

Victor is a 2014 Irish sport horse 17h gelding that is owned by the Hoff Family.  Victor competed in the 1.20m jumpers in Europe before being imported towards the end of 2020.  Victor has now competed through training level and is getting ready for Preliminary in 2022 with sights set on a 2*-L.  Victor is a big goofy puppy dog that has more personality than he knows what to do with.

Crypto Bonn

Crypto is a 2014 TB gelding that has competed Novice and is being developed into a Young Rider prelim horse.  He is 16.1h Black TB gelding that is incredibly striking along with a fun level-headed personality. We are very excited to watch Crypto develop over the 2022 season! 

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