Saturday, July 2, 2022

All riding will be done on the XC course. Vests and helmets required as well as 2022 release form. 1st round at the level will count for ribbons, ribbons based on optimum time. Rails and refusals- 4pts. Extra rounds encouraged for schooling ($25 a schooling round)

Courses will a mix of cross country and show jumping at the height of each level. All divisions will be on the XC course. Rides times will be scheduled, please be on time. All divisions will go through the water jump, though for Grasshopper and Hopeful it will be an option. XC schooling will be available until July 1, 2022 ($35 per horse/rider) by appointment.

5 overnight stalls are available for $25 each.

Make sure your information is correct. If there are any issues with your entry it must be resolved before you arrive.

Grand FarmsGrand Farms Summer 2022 XC Derby