OPENING NIGHT: Friday, October 2, 2020


Brave the haunted forest……if you dare!   Your nightmares take shape on the haunted trail as the bone-chill of fall has settled in and distant screams fill the air…

Tickets now on sale!!

An immersive haunt experience!
Your Soul Belongs to the Darkness…

Open every October, The Haunted Forest is located on the Key Peninsula in Pierce County, Washington.

Open every October and located on the Key Peninsula in Pierce County, The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms is an all outdoor haunted attraction that features close to a mile long trail through the woods guarded by a 12’ tall by 14’ gate that only opens for the worthy.

This year promise a very unique haunt experience. If you are a fan of medieval horror fantasies like Game of Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons, and Lord of the Rings, then imagine entering a world of necromancers, dragons, and evil minions of a terrible Queen. She has cast a dark spell on the forest and you will have to brave them on your quest through the haunted forest!

If the Forest finds worthy enough souls to enter its trail, they will dodge zombies, giant spiders, and witches until they find themselves in the realm of the Spirit Walker – that is if they make it past the playground of nightmares, where deranged jesters make playthings out of the souls of their victims.   

New terrors await along the trail. No traveler is safe when the Bone Devils are unleashed to roam free in the dark forest. Peril and terror follow close on every step. 

​Be careful though – one mis-step and you will awaken the dragon and be consumed by his fiery breath!


“Having built this from my imagination to a complete haunt experience using mostly materials from the property – I hand crafted the entrance gate entirely from logs off the property for example – it’s my goal to give people a good scare with a lot of variety at a reasonable price while ending in a social atmosphere keeping with the theme of The Haunted Forest.”

Mark Dodson, owner and creator

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The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms


Haunted Forest at Grand Farms