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If you want to attend online, we are offering our first ever virtual tour experience. Enjoy the event live or take our virtual tour. Chat with other viewers and play our trivia game with other online attendees.

Important info about this year

Due to covid guidelines, we have procedures in place to best protect our guests.

  • Tickets are set for specific times for a reason. Please make sure to get there before you chosen entrance time. We recommend 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Stay in your car to get your temp checked. Our minions will guide you to a space and please remain in your car until your group is called.
  • We will allow groups of five to enter, unless it is a family group, in which case up to ten can be admitted.
  • Mask wearing is required. Don’t resist or attempt mutiny. The Queen will turn you into a rat destined to feed her snake.
  • Plenty of sanitation stations can be found.throughout. We just can’t promise bone devils won’t be roaming around them.
  • The trail is designed to keep the traffic flowing through. Our intention is to keep attendees from crossing  paths.
  • We unfortunately politely request that once you leave after exiting the path. We are trying to avoid crowds. Hopefully next year we can do a great Midway entertainment area where you will be free to hang.

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The Event Center at Grand Farms

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The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms


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