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Shirts are available in youth, womens and mens sizes, for $18 each. Shipping is $4 for the first shirt and $2 for each additional shirt. T-Shirts are also available at the Haunted Forest ticket booth whenever the forest is taking in souls…

Haunted Forest at Grand Farms recommendation

This year due to social distancing guidelines, please consider ordering any merchandise online. We humbly thank you in advance for any and every consideration on behalf of all our patrons.

Win Tickets and Merchandise for Haunted Forest at Grand Farms

You are also welcome to try and win tickets and merchandise on our Facebook page. We hold contests throughout the season! Easy to play, and lots of winners.

merchandise logo haunted forest at grand farms

The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms… enter if you dare! The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms is a unique haunted trail experience. An immersive horror story, you become a character on a terrifying journey through a night of a thousand terrors! So, of course if you survive then you will need a tee shirt to remember it by… 

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The Haunted Forest at Grand Farms


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