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Sponsors take advantage of a diverse audience. Attendees hail from the entire state of Washington, as well as ID, OR, and even Vancouver BC.


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The Forest lives off the souls of her sponsors… please visit them to thank them for their sacrifice…

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About Haunted Forest At Grand Farms

Haunted Forest at Grand Farms is an immersive medieval horror themed haunt attraction located in Vaughn, WA. Now in its fifth year of business, it continues to grow and attract an ever further ranging audience. With fans young and old returning every year, the attraction continues to impress.

With features you can’t see anywhere else, as well as boasting a trail that gets longer every year, it is easy to understand the appeal. There simply is no other haunt attraction in the state like it. It’s been described as “renfaire meets scarefaire”.

For press and sponsor opportunities, please use our contact form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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