Before any gymnast steps onto the beam or tumbles on the floor they receive training in fall techniques so that they understand the proper placement of their body to prevent injuries. LandSafe leverages these same techniques and principles to teach riders specific fall and body placement techniques. This training helps riders to limit the chance of injury or death in a fall scenario.

Until now, a vital component has been absent that could make a difference in the outcome of a fall. That is rider education, regarding fall safety. LandSafe is a comprehensive training program that teaches riders not only a better way to navigate a fall, but also by using these skills in many cases may reduce chances of injury, but also may prevent a fall all together.

And now, Landsafe is coming to Grand Farms to help you develop the skills you need to potentially prevent a fall, and should a fall occur, which may protect you from serious injury. Plus, you will have a lot of fun!

What happens at the clinic?

This session provides you with an opportunity to see for yourself the difference rider education can make to a fall scenario. The segment will feature the following activities:

Two hours of gymnastics skill building will start your day. Here you will learn the correct ways to shape, roll, position arms and wrists, balance, body awareness and the control needed to become competent in a dive roll. The next two hours will be spent transferring these skills to the simulator.

We will revisit the basic gymnastics skills learned on day 1 and look for ways for you to develop stronger skills while working at home. The time spent is dependent on progress of skills, hoping to be 1 to 1.5 hours.The second part of day two will be devoted to skills on the simulator, building speed and difficulty as each individual makes progress.

This program is designed to teach the basic skills to improve your body awareness and self-preservation!

The Full Clinic has limited participants – we will also have an new option for those that have done a Landsafe clinic before!

This session is for participants age 16 and under. This involves two hours of the gymnastics and muscle memory development for self preservation that are covered in the full clinic. Junior clinics get to experience sitting on the simulator, but do not practice falls. Junior clinic participants are also welcome to attend the full clinic as an auditor free of charge.

The Junior Clinic runs in the evening on November 8 or November 10. 

Auditors are welcome to register to join us for one day, Saturday and Sunday, or all three days. Junior clinic registrants are welcome to audit Saturday and Sunday free of charge, and all registrations come with one free audit ticket. Other audit tickets are $25 for one day, $40 for Saturday and Sunday, and $50 for all three days.

How do I register?

Registrations will be through Landsafe Equestrian. Once they have opened up, we will post the link here, so watch this space! 

For more information visit their website at

Grand FarmsRegister for the Landsafe Clinic at Grand Farms!