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Lessons are all structured around the horse and rider needs with goals based off the training pyramid and the USPC certification criteria as building blocks.  Anni teaches with patience, passion and persistence- not by the clock.  Anni has very successfully helped many students develop their own horses to the preliminary level and the upper levels of the USPC certification system.  One of her talents is developing both horse and rider together.  However, not all the students in her program have competition goals. Whether they have competition goals or not, all students are trained and developed to the high standards that it takes to be successful.

Lessons on your own horse are available at the farm as well as at cross-country outings.

Haul-in lessons

Lessons are available on a limited basis for Haul-in clients with Anni.  Dressage, show jumping and Cross-Country lessons are available.  Show jump schooling days are primarily Wed and Thursday’s, but available on Saturdays on a limited basis.  Cross-country lessons are only available during the spring and summer months when the course is dry.


Anni is available for off-site full and half day clinics on a limited basis.  Contact Anni for pricing and availability.

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Coaching & Shows

Every season Anni lay’s out a show schedule for the team and is available to coach at those events and schooling shows.  This includes help in preparation and packing, schooling beforehand, course walks, warm-ups and debriefing about your rides.  Not everyone does every show, but it is still impossible for Anni to be everywhere, as much as she tries, so on occasion coaching may be assisted by one of the more experienced riders. 

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