For those that need more help with there horses training, Anni is available for monthly training and competition programs.  Training is available for 3 or 5 days a week and includes one lesson a week on the horse in training.  Training programs are structured around the horses needs, so each program is different. Training is a combination of ground work, long lining, riding, hacking out, jumping, dressage work, competition miles, fitness work and sales prep, as well as starting horses under saddle if needed.

With more then 20 years’ experience under her belt, Anni is very good at customizing a training program for each horse and rider.  Whether your horse needs a tune up after some time off, needs show miles to spring board to the next level, get sold to a perfect home or you simply want to continue there education, Anni is happy to discuss a training program with you.

Not only do they get education under saddle, but we hold horse care in the highest regard and all of the horses are handled daily, even on there day off.  We have much experience in injury rehab, restarting horses off the track, starting babies from the ground up, re schooling problem horses as well as continuing horses education and developing them up the levels.  Our horses get daily turnout, lots of miles both in and out of the arena, and ground manner education as needed.  The opportunity for horses to experience schooling shows, XC schooling trips and recognized events grows every season as the team grows.

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